A Winter Wonderland

The Magic Valley of South Central Idaho received a significant snow event over the past several days. My home received nearly 16” of snow over three days. While this may not seem like much to some, this is highly unusual for the Magic Valley, and especially the Hagerman Valley. I spent most of my day yesterday helping my neighbors clear snow from around their homes, and will be doing the same later today. It feels good to be able to go out and serve my neighbors, and more importantly to make sure they are doing okay.

I’m lucky since I am relatively healthy; I have access to a four wheel drive vehicle and a tractor to use to help clear the snow. But not everybody is so fortunate. I stopped at the store yesterday and thought I should call a friend who has difficulty getting around to see if he was in need of anything, and he was, he needed a gallon of milk. Fortunately I was able to get that for him and get it to him. When dropping it off I noticed his house was rather snowed in, so I returned to help clear the snow from his sidewalks and driveways. I don’t mention this to toot my own horn, but to show how simple acts of service can go along way in bringing comfort to others.

It’s important for us to be prepared when events like this occur. Are you prepared?

The American Red Cross has some great information on their website to help you to be prepared. It’s certainly worth taking a look at to help you evaluate where you stand.

Driving in the conditions that we had present a whole new challenge. Last night roads were declared impassible, many were closed, and drivers were told if they got into trouble to not expect help for extended periods of time. When traveling in winter conditions it’s important to be prepared. You should travel with a tank full of gas, have water and food, and a blanket to help you stay warm is you become stranded. This article from KTVB new presented some tips from Napa Auto Parts incase your find yourself stuck in the snow.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Check on your neighbors.

It’s more than a house, it’s YOUR home!!™

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