Crazy Weather Year in the Magic Valley

What a crazy weather year we have had in the Magic Valley of South Central Idaho. We have a rather mild fall, but come December, just before Christmas, it started to snow. That snow didn’t let up until towards the end of January it seems. I haven’t shoveled that much snow if a many years. It was only my snow that needed removal, many of my friends and neighbors needed help getting rid of theirs as well. At one point, at the edge of my driveway I had to have had at least an 8 foot pile of snow from all the shoveling. I’d like that to sound like an exaggeration, but it isn’t.

When I moved to the Hagerman Valley, I was told it is considered to be the banana belt of Idaho. Mild winters reign supreme. I was under the impression that I would seldom need to shovel snow; if it did snow it would just melt away before to long. Temperatures aren’t terrible, expect a cold snap for a week or two, but then the temperatures become more manageable. I thought this would be perfect, just what I need. I think I was expecting to much, especially after what we experienced this past winter. Don’t get me wrong, the weather is beautiful in the Hagerman Valley, it’s just this past winter will certainly be one to remember.

All that snow that came in December and January had to eventually melt. The more mild weather pattern set back in at the first of February, and the snow began to melt. The melting resulted in flooding throughout the Magic Valley. Fields were flooded, roadways were closed due to flowing water, roadways washed out, and the rivers began to flow. Fortunately temperatures dropped a bit again which allowed the thaw to slow. Now that we have reached April the snow in the higher elevations is starting to melt, and it’s creating quite the spectacle in our water ways. It is simply beautiful and awe inspiring.

The Magic Valley relies heavily on our water. Our economy is driven by agriculture and aquaculture. It is a resource we do not take for granted.

Click on the links below to view the power of our waterways this year.

Shoshone Falls  Malad Gorge Devil’s Washbowl  Lower Malad Gorge


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