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Magic Valley Properties and 1000 Springs Realty want you to beware of scammers. There are a lot of scammers out there seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. A quick Google search of “scammed” and a click on the “news” button brings up a plethora of stories on how people just like you and I are scammed each an every day. Scams run the gamut. There are scams related to the IRS, missed jury appearances, a loved one being held, check cashing, online purchasing, computer hacks and malware, winning the lottery, unpaid debts, investments and this is just a few that I have read about over the years. I often find myself wondering how individuals keep falling for scams that we hear so much about in the news. It seems like almost daily I read a news story on one of the many news sites about someone else being taken advantage of by a scam that has been around for a long period of time.

I then have to ask myself, would I be one that could fall for the idea of sending a Apple ITunes card to cure a debt? I like to tell myself that I wouldn’t, but I suppose I don’t really know what I may do under any particular set of circumstances until I’m actually faced with that circumstance. I believe that what I fail to realize is that professional scammers are really good at making what they do seem credible. They like to take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities. They may attempt to build a rapport with an individual. They like to play off of emotions. They try to create critical or emergency situations.

The real estate industry is also susceptible to scammers. My local real estate board, Western Magic Valley Realtors, repeatedly sends out notices of an agents email account that has been hacked. Just yesterday we received an email from a local agent that realized they had received an email in an attempt to hack their account. Now this individual regularly does business over the Internet through their auction service, therefore it is not unusual for them to carry out a lot or correspondence via email. He happened to receive an email with an offer attached, we he went to click on the PDF document to open the offer, he was asked to sign into his email again. Fortunately, he realized this was an attempt to access his accounts and didn’t fall prey to the scammer. He did point out a couple of items he noticed in the email that may help others avoid similar scams. First, he noticed that the pdf document didn’t portray an image of its contents; in today’s world pdf files will normally show a snippet of its contents.

This is how a typical pdf file appears as an email attachment.

He also noted that the email didn’t contain a signature line at the bottom. Now, real estate agents are in the business of selling themselves and their services to the public, therefore, most real estate agents (as well as most professionals) include a signature line in their email telling who they are.

This is my signature line:

I was thankful for the tips he provided. I suppose the lesson we can learn from this is to not enter our usernames and passwords that are requested when we click on an unfamiliar link. Even if the link appears to direct you to a legitimate looking website, don’t enter your personal information. Only enter personal information on websites that you know and trust, sites that you have intentionally visited by entering their website information in the browser address bar. The following links provide information from Bank of America and computer security experts McAffee on how to avoid falling victim to phishing emails.

Now you may be wondering if those are legitimate links, and I assure you that they are, if nothing else, they aren’t asking for any personal information.

Finally, I will finish this entry with information about wire fraud in the real estate industry. Real estate transactions involve the transfer of large sums for money during the transaction. Scams today involve the interception of legitimate emails coming from real estate and escrow offices. These emails redirect funds from legitimate accounts to the scammers account. The attached news story from NBC highlights this problem. If ever you are asked in an email to transfer funds, please call the company directly that you are working with to verify the authenticity of the email as well as the accounts associated with the transfer.

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Hagerman 1 Acre Building Lot – 1000 Springs Realty and Magic Valley Properties

Hagerman 1 acre building lot … $48,000.00 … located in the Willow Brook subdivision just north of the town limits. Front of lot is lined with small stream and the Bell ditch runs along the rear of the property. Both of these ditches are fed from Billingsley Creek which is spring fed and runs nearby. Lots along this street are hard to come by and you can see the pride of ownership taken by the subdivision residents. Come build your dream home today!! MLS# 98590996.


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Hagerman Home With Acreage – 1000 Springs Realty and Magic Valley Properties

This home is now SOLD!!

New listing … $151,000 … Wonderful opportunity to own a 982 sf home on 2.5 acres. This home has 2 bedrooms and 1-1/4 baths. Home is priced right and ready for new ownership. Home and acreage are located SW of Hagerman near the Bell Rapids boat ramp along a private drive. The home does need some work and TLC, but the property is really nice. The property perimeter is fully fenced with fenced off yard and pasture area’s within. Good water rights and an irrigation system for the pasture. Outbuildings include a metal pole building approx. 24 x24  for animals or storage and a framed storage building that measures about 8×12. This is really truly affordable acreage and home with tons of potential.  MLS #98655689.

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Crazy Weather Year in the Magic Valley

What a crazy weather year we have had in the Magic Valley of South Central Idaho. We have a rather mild fall, but come December, just before Christmas, it started to snow. That snow didn’t let up until towards the end of January it seems. I haven’t shoveled that much snow if a many years. It was only my snow that needed removal, many of my friends and neighbors needed help getting rid of theirs as well. At one point, at the edge of my driveway I had to have had at least an 8 foot pile of snow from all the shoveling. I’d like that to sound like an exaggeration, but it isn’t.

When I moved to the Hagerman Valley, I was told it is considered to be the banana belt of Idaho. Mild winters reign supreme. I was under the impression that I would seldom need to shovel snow; if it did snow it would just melt away before to long. Temperatures aren’t terrible, expect a cold snap for a week or two, but then the temperatures become more manageable. I thought this would be perfect, just what I need. I think I was expecting to much, especially after what we experienced this past winter. Don’t get me wrong, the weather is beautiful in the Hagerman Valley, it’s just this past winter will certainly be one to remember.

All that snow that came in December and January had to eventually melt. The more mild weather pattern set back in at the first of February, and the snow began to melt. The melting resulted in flooding throughout the Magic Valley. Fields were flooded, roadways were closed due to flowing water, roadways washed out, and the rivers began to flow. Fortunately temperatures dropped a bit again which allowed the thaw to slow. Now that we have reached April the snow in the higher elevations is starting to melt, and it’s creating quite the spectacle in our water ways. It is simply beautiful and awe inspiring.

The Magic Valley relies heavily on our water. Our economy is driven by agriculture and aquaculture. It is a resource we do not take for granted.

Click on the links below to view the power of our waterways this year.

Shoshone Falls  Malad Gorge Devil’s Washbowl  Lower Malad Gorge


Hagerman Building Lot — Magic Valley Properties

HAGERMAN BUILDING LOT!! Won’t last long at this price!! OWNER MOTIVATED!! Great priced 7,700 sf building lot in Hagerman 55 and older development. Great investment opportunity or build your retirement home in this desirable location and enjoy the easy life that the beautiful Hagerman Valley has to offer. Recreational opportunities abound from hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, birding, state parks, and fish hatcheries. Community has paved road, underground power and phone. City water and sewer require paid connection fee. IMLS #98650107



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Temperatures and Rates are Rising

It looks as though spring is finally coming to the Hagerman Valley. It’s been a long hard winter in Idaho’s banana belt. We have endured record-breaking snowfall, rain, and flooding. Hopefully the brief thaw we had several weeks ago will alleviate more severe flooding as the temperatures continue to rise.

Temperature isn’t the only thing on the rise. According to a story on the Washington Post on March 9, 2017 financial markets anticipate the Fed will raise the benchmark rate when they meet on March 14-15th. In anticipation of such an announcement, mortgage rates have reached a high of 4.21% compared with 4.1% last week, and 3.68% at this time last year. The article notes that mortgage rates aren’t actually tied to treasury rates, they appear to be finally coming in line with those after several years of doing their own thing. The economy appears to be strengthening and with that strength comes the need to increase rates in order to curb inflation. Unless something unforeseen, it is highly likely that the benchmark rate and mortgage rates will continue to climb.

If you have been considering buying a home as a first time home buyer, or you have been thinking about moving into a different home, you may want to act sooner than later. Interest rates play a key role in how much home you can afford.

In looking at Twin Falls County for January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016 the average price for a home was $174,170 per IMLS. The mortgage and interest payment on a home of that value at last years rate of 3.68% would have been $799.71, at today’s rate of 4.21% your payment would now be $852.74. In order to maintain that same payment, as one year ago, would have to purchase a home valued at $163,339.12, you just lost $10,830 in buying power.

So, if you have any interest in buying, now is a good time while you can get a better bang for your buck.

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There’s nothing better than grandma’s house!!

Just listed in Hagerman….$112,000.00…Everybody loves grandma’s house! Comfy and cozy 2 bd 1 bath 874sf home in the heart of Hagerman on over 1/2 acre. Home has been well maintained. Newer carpet in main living area. Bedrooms and dining area have built-ins. The fireplace is a focal point of the living room. The attic has been finished to provide bonus space and there is sub grade storage, neither of these spaces are included in the square footage. Gardeners will love the garden space, two large greenhouses, storage shed, peony garden and mature walnut, peach, and apple trees. The stone path leads to a park like setting in the back yard with the Buckeye ditch running through the property. A single car garage with ample shop space complete the package. Welcome home! MLS#98645110.

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This home is now sold!! I can help sell yours too.

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